Why Clients Don’t Hire You

Mountains of Arizona
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10:49 a.m.

It seems there are three main reasons clients don’t show up to hire you:

  1. They have no idea you exist.
  2. They are confused about what value you could bring to their world.
  3. They don’t have the resources or the willingness to invest resources they do have, to have you in their world.

All of these are temporary situations over which you have enormous control. The second item is most common. Prospective clients just don’t “get” what you have.

  • If no one knows you exist, that is in your power to change. Write a book. Create a media platform. Make videos. Volunteer your services in strategic places.
  • If people are confused about what you do, that is in your power to clarify. Look into your world from the perspective of your potential buyer. Be honest about whether your product or service, as it is presented, is actually great or just mediocre. Is your solution aimed at a problem people know they want solved?
  • If the people you want to serve don’t want to provide the resources to pay for that service, you are free to choose other people. Swim upstream. Find better people. People who want to achieve something more in their lives. People who are accountable. People who are responsible. People who know they want to invest in themselves.

You are never stuck. You are never done. You never have to quit unless you want to quit.