I Have More Money Than You

Mountains of Arizona
Sunny 57 Degrees
6:30 a.m.

It doesn’t matter how successful you become, there’s always someone who’s going to have more. Always someone who will be able to say, “I have more money than you…”

Maybe it’s more money. Maybe it’s more success or more fame or whatever.

To allow into your brain the “if I could just get to where I have what they have” program is a way to be miserable forever.

Most of the journey of the Incomparable Expert is work. That’s why you don’t see me mobbed with fans at parties. It’s a journey for the few. It’s not for the masses. They’re not interested. They haven’t yet found that part of them that is required to come alive to make it on the journey. Plus, they’re too caught up falling prey to the big promises and shiny silver bullet sales jokers that litter the marketplace.

Every now and again there’s a beautiful diamond we find along the way on this journey that reminds us why we do this.

And one of those diamonds is that if you TRULY embrace the “INCOMPARABLE” part of this journey, then you realize that “competition” in the marketplace is a completely fabricated situation.

You can play along if you want. If you get a thrill or an adrenaline rush out of “beating” or “crushing” this competition you make up in your head. But I’ve never been into it. I could care less who wins. How do you even choose a winner unless everyone is playing the same game? And I’ve never been one for the games everyone else chooses to play.

The whole idea of the “marketplace” is a contrived mental model you either buy into and become bound by (because you actually CREATE the reality to match your program) or you don’t.

I’ll pass on it. Winners, losers, whatever.

We’re all dealing with humans. It’s just humans connecting with humans.

You create what you want. Your “marketplace” is whatever you decide it will be. It’s art. You’re the artist. The rules you are bound by are the ones you believe exist.

If you believe that, you’ll see it. If you don’t believe it, you won’t.