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To my coach Jason,

Right about the time I began production on my first back end product, I took your advice and started a platform – a weekly podcast.

Once per week I sat down and took four hours to do what should’ve taken one hour – outline, script, record, edit, upload, write, and schedule an email telling my audience the broadcast was ready.

I didn’t make a huge deal about getting my customers to sign up for my podcast, because I knew neither how successful it would be, or even if I would continue the podcast beyond the sales test of my first back-end product’s introduction. Still, I was able to sign up about 23% of my total customers – approximately 1800 people – to my podcast email notifications.

After creating the first few episodes, my listenership declined to around 700 people. I was highly discouraged! I felt as though the market was shouting at me that they did not want my podcast! However, by the time episode 10 came around, I was back up to about 2400 listeners every week.

And then came episode 14 – when I was finally ready to sell my first back end info product. This product cost $97.

Let me also add that by this point in the platform journey, I was very tired of putting my podcast together. Even though I had streamlined, it still took me at least 2.5 man hours of work per week to get an episode up. I was almost hoping that the platform would not prove effective, so that I could throw in the towel and not feel bad about it!

And so: I set up my big launch test.

To my platform, I was going to record a special edition of the podcast that would focus on the problem that my new back end product solved, then ending the 15 minute podcast with a five-minute blurb all about the new product and how excited I was to offer it to them. Not much of a sales campaign by most Internet standards! But by this point in the journey, even if I didn’t particularly enjoy building my platform, I had enough respect for my podcast listeners to know that bombarding them with emails was simply not an option. I had talked to too many of them – they were real people whose time I respected. This audience was about 2500 people.

To the remainder of my customer list – those who did NOT sign up for my platform, I planned a regular email style sales campaign. You should also know that I did nothing to keep up a relationship with this audience of non-podcast listeners. I respected their choice to not be communicated with, and I placed my faith in the hope that they would remember me and the product they originally purchased from me whenever I was ready to try to sell them something new. The size of this audience was 9600 people.

I sent out the 14th episode of my podcast, and I hit “send” on the first email in my campaign to the big non-listener list. And I promptly shut off all my electronic devices and went grocery shopping! Lunches are just too darn stressful 🙂

I wasn’t sure what to expect: Jason, through all of your strategic coaching, and in all of our weekly pep talks, you encouraged me to keep up with building a platform saying that you were positive the platform was the surest way to guarantee successful back end sales down the road. I didn’t want to believe it – it was so much work!

But two weeks later, the results are crystal-clear:

Products sold to the 2500 podcast listeners? 433 copies of my latest program.

Product sold to the gigantic list of 9600 previous customers? 114 copies sold.


Jason, I doubt I could ever express how fortunate I am that I stuck with your coaching. You are one of the absolute fewest remaining voices of wisdom repeating the mantra of one of my personal heroes, Paul Harvey: that perspiration itself… hard work… seems to be the fertilizer of success. If something sounds easy? It’s probably too good to be true. If something seems so difficult that you just want to quit week after week… that’s probably what you should be doing!

Perhaps the most touching evidence of all demonstrating the complete success of your platform concept is the fact that of the many positive and supportive replies I received to my 14th episode which – let me remind you – focused on SELLING a product, there was from a gentleman who said “Hooray! It’s Tuesday, which is “Pat day” for me. Pat day is my favorite day of the week already, and now I have another one of your programs on the way. Thank you and keep up the great work!”

Thanks again Jason. You speak the truth, and I am now $40,000 wealthier because I was humble enough to listen to you.


Pat S*****

I knew Jason had a material impact on my business (that’s why I keep going back to him again and again). But I just went over my year-end financials and realized to what extent his counsel and copy has mattered – my revenue was up 80 percent, with the same expenses, so profits more than doubled. The best thing is that all the work Jason has already completed for me keeps on giving – none of it was one-time only. He thinks in terms of systems and relationships, not transactions, so the plans, sequences, and copy can be used over and over. If we stopped working together tomorrow, I would still be able to use all that I’ve invested in over the past year. But why would I ever want to stop now? 🙂

Michael Smart

Jason has an uncanny ability to pluck out the unifying ‘big idea’ in your campaign or your business. In our work together he’s helped me re-imagine my business, through the lens of my best clients. As a result, I expect to add $1-Million in revenue over the next three years beyond what would have happened without his help.

Steve Gordon

I have been a full-time reader of Jason’s Stuff – for lack of a better phrase – since the beginning with “Client’s Suck.” Perhaps 5 years ago. Over these years the global ideas presented by Jason in the numerous venues are very insightful to me in one really big way; and it is NOT about how these ideas have affected my work with clients. It is much, much better and bigger. It is about how to positively relate to myself and the work I do as a self employed business person, and lay aside all the head games that go with it. Now I don’t want to go back and work for a ‘corporation’ again. But being the master of your fate can be a bit challenging from time to time. Most important of all Jason is like a psychiatrist that costs very little. Now I do subscribe to the monthly Rainmaker Letter since it was launched, and I highly recommend it. So, for very small monthly fee for marketing insight, I also get a little chat with my psychiatrist. I can’t over emphasize enough how Jason helps me on a weekly basis to chill – and get moving – and trust the process. As he has written in many places… BELIEVE!


Like most internet marketers, I’m always skeptical of anything described as ninja, guru, or anything hyped for that matter. Maybe it’s just me or maybe I’ve become jaded after buying so many bright-shiny-objects. The internet is a rabbit hole that can completely lead you down murky trails that dead-end into nothing but a spinning hamster wheel. I heard Doberman Dan mention Jason’s name and Dan described Jason as his go-to guy, the guy he completely trusts, buys everything from and sometimes has purchased things twice. I got onto Jason’s list and was completely surprised at the breadth and quality of his work. Can I just say wow? The kicker is that he offered a completely free 15 minute phone call – No Strings Attached. I didn’t expect much from the call but within 15 minutes he COMPLETELY CHANGED MY THOUGHT PROCESS and the idea he gave me changed my marketing thoughts and will help differentiate me from my competitors. I can’t wait to get signed up for his platform course. I hope it comes around again very soon. Thanks Jason!


Jason’s Incomparable Expert was so insightful and brilliantly strategic that we hired him on in an ongoing advisory role.

Jeff Paro and Roberto Monaco – Influenceology

I needed to differentiate my business from thousands of competitors, and spent a lot of time trying to figure it out. I had a basic concept, but it didn’t get my prospects very excited – too much business jargon that just didn’t hit home. Jason took my ideas and came out with the perfect wording for it – compelling and easy to understand. Even though my business is highly technical, I can get my value across quickly and easily, and have a much easier time explaining what I do.

Phillip Theriault

I only subscribe to a few marketing/biz email newsletters. Dan Kennedy, Brain Tracy, Larry Winget, Perry Marshall and yours. I save the emails and have the computer read them to me while I exercise on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.

I was catching up on The Client Letter this morning and thinking: ‘This is such good advice (some of it better than the ebook I bought from him). Jason won’t be able to keep on doing this for free. Universal laws don’t allow something of value to be received without value being given back.’

I was afraid you’d just stop doing them one day. Instead, I’m glad to see you’re charging for it. And I’m happy to pay. I signed up immediately.

Professional Copywriter

To be honest I just buy ANYTHING you come out with without question.

I assumed it was new and didn’t even read the sales letter. I just hit the “order” button without reading a word.

That speaks to how much trust I have in you and how good your products are.

Keep the money and feel free to use this story/testimonial in your marketing.

Customer Who Bought the Same Product Twice

Thank you Jason for the great info. I have been following your stuff for a while and during that period I have had my eyes opened and am seeing all the mistakes that I have been making in my business and as a result I have been able to increase my profits by well over 1000%, not to mention my efficiency and especially the results I have provided my clients. I actually forward your stuff to my wife as at times, it sounds like you’re describing me in your emails!

Having studied many $2000-$25,000 programs from some of the most elite consultants, marketers and copywriters, I have a pretty good understanding of what good education is, and the content I have received from your free daily newsletter alone is on the same level as many of those courses and puts you right up there among the finest in the world.

It has been my privilege to have come across your material, keep on with the good work you do. I look forward to more.

Thank you Jason

Client Letter Subscriber

I have to tell you…YOUR EMAILS ROCK. Seriously, this is awesome stuff. Do you plan to put these emails into some sort of product format? Such as an e-book, or something I can read on my Kindle? I’d like to read these emails again, in another format, and I’d be willing to pay for it too. Anyway, this is great stuff, and almost too good to giveaway in my opinion (though I certainly do love that I’m getting them!)

Ryan McGrath

Jason’s Leister has mastered the ‘Art of Clients’ because it is actually very simple and logical. However, I do not think the way he does – but I am starting too – even though it is simple and logical. By his own admission – he is the school of hard knocks. ‘Art of Clients’ is timeless wisdom. I read each one thoroughly and have running notes to keep my head screwed on straight.

As a service provider, it is easy to get caught up in “forest for the trees” mentality, where we don’t see nor understand the bigger picture.

Hansel & Gretel laid a trail of breadcrumbs so they could eventually get out of the forest. Jason leaves a trail of breadcrumbs leading you into the forest one-by-one to the trees, which soon come into focus and so you are never lost. In fact, you are on the same path but passing different trees in the forest to your pot of gold. In reading “Art of Clients’ it is easy to say – I have seen this tree before, but that is what happens when you are on the same path. Yet, the genus of the tree will be slightly different.

Additionally, Jason provided a 30 minute marketing consolation and his perspective was 100% different than mine. I was looking at the forest and Jason focused on one single tree. He was 100% correct and thus I won, too! I was amazed and grateful.

Peace & best wishes…

Tom Hackim

In business school, my professors all threw the term ‘paradigm shift’ around a lot. I later found out it’s a fancy word for saying (in Reddit-speak) ‘mind blown.’ A way to separate the ‘before’ of an event/encounter from the ‘after’.

Jason’s thoughts and materials are simply paradigm shifting. He preaches a certain worldview that is refreshingly liberating. Heads up though: Jason’s stuff are not for the faint-hearted, the needy, or the wimpy operator.

If you’re willing to consider that perhaps, just perhaps, you currently might not have all the answers, then get in, click your seat belt and prepare for the ride of your life with Jason.

Your clients and business will thank you.


“Your Course Kicks Ass!!”

…By far, the BEST advice and the best gift I gave myself was to purchase your course…”

-Diane Aksten

Last night I sat up reading ‘How to Get KickAss Clients’ while my son was watching Bolt. It was kind of ironic because, as the Disney dog got his reality check – so did I. (He realised he didn’t have special powers. I realised that I do!) It felt kinda like you were looking into my soul. Everything you said was striking a chord so loud it was almost deafening. In fact, there were so many pearls of wisdom in your piece that if I’d have printed it off I’d have been highlighting every other sentence. I wanted to write down each gem but realised I’d have just been rewriting the whole thing! So I’m just writing to say thank you. My last client experience was so draining that I have really been wondering if I’m up to the job. Now I see that “the challenges we face with clients are simply reflections of our own opportunities for growth” and I can now look forward to some serious introspection and personal growth work – and, hopefully, profitable rewards. I don’t even remember how I got on to your website but it’s exactly what I need when I needed it. I love it when the universe works like that, don’t you?


One paragraph from Issue 3 of the Rainmaker Letter is now taped to my monitor. It’s worth the whole year’s subscription.

Sean P. McCool

Ordered your book yesterday and read it in one sitting. It is fantastic! Very inspirational. I have been copywriting for awhile with some success, but your advice has really motivated me to take my business to the next level. I even took notes and came up with a few ideas of my own. Thanks so much!

Julie Johnson

I just read it. It is fan-dam-tastic. — On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 15. I will be telling my readers about it … today!

Jim Straw

Today I received the link for the recording of the webinar, “Big Self Blueprint.” […] But now comes the beef I took out of this webinar – again, it is mind blowing – changed my view of life completely. I’ve read many books and listened to many recordings from the most popular life coaches around the planet. I do not want to do name dropping here, just believe me, I only listen to the best of the best. And they speak about the very same thing again and again. And every time I’ve read or heard about, I knew it – THAT’s THE THING to do, to practice on it. Because those folks know what they are talking about. They talk about life itself – about creating it, changing it, living it in a better way. But never ever have I gotten a guideline like Jason gave me with this awesome presentation – NEVER! Not from any of those famous life coaches, which I still like and adore what they are doing. But Jason is different. His presentation is different. He talks about his own life, and I can feel within his words my life continuum – like magic. Yes, I would like to state here, that attending this webinar had a magic affect on my life. Thank you so very much, Jason for all that you do, for all that you think, for all that you work out, you are really blessed with the gift to help many many of your fellows here on this planet!


Holy crap! This is seriously good stuff. Dangerously good. I wish I knew half of it when I first started out as a freelance copywriter. It would have saved me so many hassles and headaches… And a ton of money, too. Good work, Jason. I highly recommend this book to anyone who’s serious about business. Any service provider, freelancer, marketer, or sales rep — in short, anyone who has to deal with clients — should read this report.

Michel Fortin

The guide was a breakthrough for me. For an embarrassingly long time I’d thought about becoming a copywriter, but always feared that I needed to study more, to read another book, to attend a course… a typical victim of paralysis by analysis. BoC made it all go away. Like a slap on the face of a panic victim, it made me stop and see the world as it is: you don’t have to be the best artisan, just the best businessman. Quality counts, of course, but business results — for your client as well as for yourself — are way more important than how flawless your penmanship is.

Carlos Accioly

Thanks for sharing part of your journey on the Big Self audio. I can identify with much of your childhood and early adult experience, minus the music part. Over the last few years, I assembled parts of the “tools” you shared, but your blueprint audio made it easier to see how the pieces fit together. I can see the water around me better and am grateful for the energy you put into this project.


I loved the Six Figure book I downloaded. I’ve changed my mindset, and almost immediately landed a $6000 project that will probably turn into a month-to-month deal. I’ve been writing non-stop since I opened my biz. I’ve had lucrative and not-so-lucrative jobs. I’m finishing my last non-lucrative job and am only going to fish in bigger ponds from now on. Thanks again for such a great book. I’m no longer a copywriter. I’m a moneymaking marketing specialist. 🙂

Deb Holder

The other night I started reading your new book thinking I might get in a little reading before I dropped off to sleep. But 2 hours later I was still wide awake… couldn’t sleep… scribbling notes as fast as I could about simple, practical, and very easy to apply things that I could use in my business the very next day. In your always entertaining style, you taught me the two most important things to look for in selecting a client, how to ensure I always get paid, how to turn ideas into cash, and the difference between being a “guru” and being wealthy. But that’s not all. Your Client Attraction Grid graphically presented 11 different marketing tools and explained them in a way that makes it easy to see which ones can produce the best results. And the way you burst the “Specialization Myth” made me look at business in a completely different way. I could go on and on about the great ideas I’ve gotten from you, but time and space won’t allow it. Quite simply, Jason, this is your best work to date. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who is responsible in ANY way for the acquisition, service or retention of clients or customers for their business.

Martin Howey

I certainly appreciated your webinar last night. My intuition led me to go out on a limb and pay the fee, and you know something, I’m glad I followed it. At this time, I am experiencing a seasonal slump when clients are normally unavailable for my mainstream service; and the fee itself threatened my ability to make ends meet. However, I immediately saw that I was in EXACTLY the situation you outlined (solo service provider, giving away my power, and needing to banish fear and connect with my Big Self), and so I figured you would share with me what might help pull me out of my current misfortune. I am very happy to report that I was not mistaken and that my instincts had not led me astray. You have provided me with not only new tools but a better perspective on my true responsibilities. I want you to know I respect what you have done, what you have learned, and what you are sharing with us. As I inch forward to finding my purpose in life (as well as the vehicle and framework for its propagation), I look forward with great delight to your insights…


Great job on the book. It contains all of the lessons Gary Halbert tried to teach me in our year and a half together from his 30 years experience of working with clients.

Dan Gallapoo “Doberman Dan”

Thank you Jason for the great info. I have been following your stuff for a while and during that period I have had my eyes opened and am seeing all the mistakes that I have been making in my business and as a result I have been able to increase my profits by well over 1000%, not to mention my efficiency and especially the results I have provided my clients. I actually forward your stuff to my wife as at times, it sounds like you’re describing me in your emails! Having studied many $2000-$25,000 programs from some of the most elite consultants, marketers and copywriters, I have a pretty good understanding of what good education is, and the content I have received from your free daily newsletter alone is on the same level as many of those courses and puts you right up there among the finest in the world. It has been my privilege to have come across your material, keep on with the good work you do. I look forward to more. Thank you Jason…

I just got my first issue of The Rainmaker Letter, sat down and tore through the entire thing. Inside I found two ideas that I will be implementing in my business that will pay for a few decades of my subscription. My advice…get in now, before Jason realizes what he’s done and raises the price.

Steve Gordon

If you’re just getting into the copywriting game… then get a copy of this report from Jason Leister. Straightforward… fluff-free… to the point. Best part? It teaches you HOW TO GET CLIENTS! As moderator on the world’s most popular copywriters’ forum, I’ve observed that “getting clients” is THE #1 missing link that plagues newbie copywriters. Heck, it frustrates some guys and gals who’ve been at it for a while. If I were attempting to make my living as a copywriter, I would make sure I was armed with Jason’s report.

JP Maroney

I only subscribe to a few marketing/biz email newsletters. Dan Kennedy, Brain Tracy, Larry Winget, Perry Marshall and yours. I save the emails and have the computer read them to me while I exercise on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. I was catching up on The Client Letter this morning and thinking: ‘This is such good advice (some of it better than the ebook I bought from him)…

I love all your material – I’m slowly transforming my consciousness into a “big self consciousness.” I tend to fall back into that “small me” mindset but your daily Client Letter reminds me and jolts me into the mindset of “not being needy” to one of bringing “My Best Self to Life” everyday. I love the outstanding response and miracles and breakthroughs that I get by being energized by the ideas you shared in “Kick Ass Clients book.” I have underrated my landscape design service because of the suffering economy and I bought into that “scarcity mindset.” My business is thriving now because of you contribution you’ve brought to my life. Thank you Jason.


As the founder of Workaholics4Hire.com, I’ve been directly responsible for selling well over 5 million dollars in services. Translation? I have learned a thing or two about working with clients over the years! And if I could turn back time and have a “do-over”, I would have read every word […] printed it out, used a bright pink highlighter, and I likely would have raked in at least three times the money as a result. Why? Because Jason Leister has compiled the best list of actionable advice for freelancers I have ever read, and if I had known back then what I know now, I would not have wasted countless hours trying desperately to please clients who completely devalued everything my staff and I did for them. This book provides amazing advice about how to become a service provider worthy of earning top dollar. With the advice from this book, you will know exactly how to deal with the “why can’t you do it cheaper?” question. Endless all-nighters and tearful working weekends could have been avoided if I had known these valuable strategies for dealing with all types of clients. Get this book now, while you still have your sanity! Trust me on this one. Your service business and family will thank you for it! ps. I can count on only one hand how many “testimonials” I have provided for products over the years. I write them only for products that deserve to be praised.

Sylvie Fortin

Every freelancer should read this report BEFORE they start accepting clients. And then re-read it again after they’ve had a few. Taking a couple hours to do this could easily save smart freelancers from getting ripped off and spinning their wheels with deadbeat clients.

Ryan Healy

I’ve been working without a safety-net as a freelance marketing strategist / copywriter for the past 6-years. When it comes to dealing with clients I’ve had to learn everything the hard way. I’ve made mistakes. Lost money. Been ripped off. Got my head kicked in emotionally. And had to pick myself up off the floor more times than is healthy. So I can attest to the veracity and TRUTH of all […] reality checks in your book […]. This book is what I call a head-straightener book and should be required reading for any freelancer who lives and dies by their wits and the value they can bring to the table. Even experienced freelancers should take a good cold-hard look […] They may not like what they see — but sometimes the TRUTH hurts like a bitch!

Michael Silk

I’m really impressed. This stuff is just as valuable as what I get from Dan Kennedy, Clayton Makepeace, or any of the other gurus out there. Way to go.

Jon Weston

Jason’s book was quite an eye opener for me. Wish I would’ve had it two years ago. Inside you’ll find what it really takes to make six-figures as a copywriter, …and it’s not what you would expect. There’s no fluff. It’s all great advice you can put into action right away. He should be charging more for this advice, because it’ll save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars, and months (or even years!) of frustration.


I have attended several of Jason’s webinars over the past year, and I always learn a lot. Jason has a way of taking complex ideas and presenting them in a way that I can understand and see how I can put to use in my daily business.

His platform concept is a scary concept to someone like me who has spent the past thirty-odd years chasing prospects, giving stuff away for free, standing on my head, waiting for their approval. So it’s taken me a while to come around to his way of thinking. But I believe if you really implement what Jason preaches, you should find more success and greater rewards in your business. I just wish Jason was about twenty years younger so I could have taken action long ago.

Last thing. When you listen to Jason on the phone/internet, you may find he doesn’t have the greatest vocal range. Which is kind of ironic for someone who was a professional musician. But hey, nobody’s perfect.

If you are still on the fence about working with Jason, jump off and get started today.

Paul Dzielinski

Jason offered me a fifteen-minute consultation on developing my business. Now I’ve just opened up a new business – one for which I feel a calling – which is coaching single guys who are unhappy with their solitude and wish to find a life partner.

What floored me was the extreme value Jason was able to compress into those fifteen minutes. In that time, he provided me with a much better and more practical perspective on attracting clients and moving forward with my business. In fact, his skillful questions make up the skeleton of an action plan I’m developing to take my business to the next level. If you want to save time and concentrate on the worthwhile essentials, I recommend working with Jason.

Andy Murphy