How to Become the Only Logical Choice For Your Prospective Clients and Customers

Deep down, we all know we’re here to offer our unique contribution to the world.

Unfortunately, most of us were trained to shy away from the prospect of being put in the spotlight. So the journey to become “incomparable” is littered with obstacles we have not been prepared to deal with.

From an early age, we were taught not to stand out, not to stand up, not to speak our mind, not to express our unique voice. We were pressured and coerced to blindly submit to authority figures and to consistently betray our own internal guidance systems regarding right and wrong, appropriate and inappropriate, reasonable and impossible.

We were slowly trained to censor and self-correct ourselves to submit to the will of what others would choose for us. Those who found it difficult to comply were penalized, ostracized and minimized.

This is how the system kills you from the inside out. It severs the trust you have in yourself. It severs the connection to your own power. It obscures your understanding of your power to create the reality you choose to inhabit.

And then the system offers you the hope of “salvation” from their gods of money, politics and religion as a substitute for your very own power they tricked you into giving to them.

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While some people think becoming an “Incomparable Expert” is primarily about learning a new approach to marketing, my experience shows that’s only a small portion of the radical self-transformation this journey requires. It will touch every area of your life and work.

Mindset, marketing, positioning, business models, self-responsibility, history, law, money, religion…these are only a few of the many areas this work touches.

The journey towards becoming an Incomparable Expert involves taking your real self out into the world in a way where you can reap the rewards that often come with solving problems for others.

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