What Makes You Different

Mountains of Arizona
Clear 86 Degrees
4:10 p.m.

Some people might think I do things differently just to make a point. Isn’t that “smart marketing?” Isn’t that what you have to do to differentiate yourself?

Technically, I guess that’s correct. But I think that’s a really shallow way to go through life. And I think talking about “smart marketing” is really boring separate from a MUCH BIGGER REASON FOR BEING. So let’s go deeper, much deeper.

Marketing isn’t the point. It’s a tool to help you get to the point.

When I use the word Incomparable Expert, I’m talking about you developing the tools, strategies and disciplines you need to show up in a MAJOR way in the world.

You’re ALREADY incomparable. But you’ve been told not to believe it. You’ve been told not to see it. You’ve been told that that little voice in your heart has to “grow up” and get practical and just buckle down and make the safe decisions to pay the bills like the other slaves do.

The weird part is that you can actually spot this “incomparable” golden thread that exists in humans. But you’ve been trained to only be able to see it in others, never yourself.

Without seeing that, you have to go out and find some answers for how to make it.

“If I could just get more leads… If I could just figure out this social media thing… If I could just get through this tech mess so I can get all my gizmos going in the right way…if I could become a better writer/speaker/entrepreneur, then I’d have a chance.”

The world doesn’t need another Facebook marketing course. If that’s all you needed, you’d be tripping over success everywhere.

But take a look. There are more people more lost than ever out there.

And they’re working hard running in the exact opposite direction of the way their real answers are going.

Everything you want is going to come from within you. Everything you’re seeking. Everything you’re dreaming about. Guess who the source of all of that is?

It’s you. Even when it comes to money. It’s not “out there” in someone else’s pocket like the experts tell you. That’s a great way to set yourself up to fail from the inside out…forever. If you fall for that, you’ll be miserable and empty no matter HOW many millions you have in the bank.

I’m not here to “build a business” with smart products and services like recurring revenue and automated webinars and all of the shiny stuff just for money. I’m building a business so I can MASTER that ability and transfer it to others to give people the tools THEY need to be free.

Thinking tools. Feeling tools. Action tools. Emotional tools. Tools to get in touch with the real you and understand everything that is unseen. All of it at every layer.

So why do I do things differently?

The reason is because of the previously mentioned genetic disposition to go my own way. But the other reason is that I know there’s a huge price to pay for NOT doing this.

You can’t be Incomparable and have everyone like you. Those things DON’T ever, WILL never go together.

If you simply follow your own heart you can’t HELP but do things differently. And at every turn, when you’re doing X and everyone else is doing Y, you’ll have people look at you funny, you’ll lose some of them, you’ll also gain some new ones who saw you for the first time…

But each time, you’ll have successfully practiced BEING YOU and further developed the emotional stability and maturity required to hold that space.

The system beat the heart out of business because the heart can’t be controlled. It can’t be regulated, it can’t be manipulated, it can’t be coopted. The heart KNOWS.

So they had to weave a lie that the heart is weak, that it can’t “cut it” in competition (as if the heart was shallow enough to believe in competition), that it has to be controlled by the reasonable and practical mind.

This is the lie that causes so many people to look for something they can’t seem to find.

The mind is programmed to keep looking for the answer everywhere except the one place it lives.

You’ve had it all along. Everything you need and want. Inside.

Don’t fall for the lies. Share what you have, share what you are.

Everything you desire is on the other side of taking the responsibility to SHOW UP for the people who need you.

The world needs the REAL YOU.