How to Be Scared About Money All of the Time

Mountains of Arizona
Clear 86 Degrees
8:12 a.m.

I spent years scared about money. I had no idea what I was creating by walking around emitting this signal.

I was a fear factory. I stocked wall to wall fear and was open 24/7/365.

I read books like Stuart Wilde’s, “The Trick to Money is Having Some.”

I read Catherine Ponder’s books.

I read everything I could find to “fix” this problem.

My head understood the books. My heart wasn’t plugged in enough to do anything about it. And my understanding of how the unseen becomes the seen had not yet come online.

Getting things worked out on the material plane is a CHOICE not luck.

Who’s in control of YOU? The world? How many clients you have? What your bank account tells you?

Do these things control you? Do they define you? Do they force your hand to do certain things?

Only you can decide the answer to these questions.

In the end, I realized my money fear arose because I was being lazy.

Not that I wasn’t working hard enough. Not that kind of lazy. I was being lazy by allowing myself to fall into old energetic patterns instead of doing the work required to form new ones.

Fear was a comfort zone. I knew it well. I felt at home there. I knew how to deal with it. Despite how crazy this sounds, fear was a companion, like that teddy bear you had as a kid.

Maybe I didn’t like it, but it was something I knew.

The bottom line is you get to choose what your primary motivation is in life and business. You only have two choices:

Love or Fear.

Choose either one. No one cares which you pick. But you are the one who has to live with the consequences of your choice.