Own Everything, Control Nothing

Mountains of Arizona
Sunny 66 Degrees
6:05 a.m.

Earl Nightingale is famous for saying, “Watch what everyone else does – do the opposite. The majority is always wrong.”

You can prove or disprove this to yourself, but from where I’m sittin’, it seems like it might be right!

It’s not that the masses are dumb. It’s just that they haven’t realized they’ve been trained yet. And so they continue, mistaking their masters’ training program for real LIFE.

What are we trained to do in the program when something bad happens?

  • We’re trained to ask who’s responsible.
  • We’re trained to blame someone, anyone!

Once you start to wake-up from the program, you go out and start learning about the real world.

And it doesn’t take long to realize that the black and white version of life the program told you exists just isn’t so. It’s only been created that way to divide people from each other.

Nothing is black, nothing is white, everything is a never ending number of shades of gray.

When it comes to arranging your affairs in the world, one of the smart pieces of advice is, “Own nothing, control everything.”

I think Robert Kiyosaki is the first person I learned this from. I didn’t know what it meant back then, and I had nothing to apply it to at the time, but it sure sounded cool!

He was talking about structuring your affairs in a smart way through various entities (commercial and private) so you could direct and influence without owning.

But life is not always as it seems. And a truth in one context becomes BAD ADVICE in another context.

Yes, when you’re structuring an estate, a complex, multi-layered, multi-jurisdictional creation is smart.

But as we get closer to our own individual sphere of reality, closer to our living flesh and blood, this “own nothing control everything” axiom seems to flip on its head.

From my experience, when it comes to making your way through the world as a living being, Own EVERYTHING, control NOTHING seems like great idea!

When you OWN everything, (and by OWN I mean assume responsibility for everything), your perspective on everything then shifts. Everything becomes a lesson for you. Everything becomes an opportunity for growth in disguise. Everything becomes an open door for greater things.

By OWNING your experience, you reorient your own BEING as the causal point for the quality of that experience.

This is a position of power. This is a position where you reclaim your power to create.

How much energy is wasted on people trying to bring some sort of serenity to their lives by trying to control everything going on “out there?” Sure, it gives your brain something to do, it gives you something to focus on. But when it comes to progress, trying to exert extreme control over your world is kind of a blackhole for energy.

And this is why the masses are trained to do it. Because if all of their life force is caught up in THIS charade, they have none left to actually create a better world. It basically trains you to be impotent when it comes to transforming your reality.


Own everything, control nothing.

That’s the path to freedom. But it’s freedom YOU create by decision.