Firing the Middleman

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7:19 a.m.

By now we should all know about the difference between features and benefits.

When it comes to offering what you have to the world, the smart thing is to focus LESS on the features end of the spectrum and more towards the benefits end of the spectrum…and even BEYOND the benefits “stop” on the train…towards the actual result your prospect wants to achieve.

You buy a drill because you want a hole right?

All of this sounds like common sense. But when it comes to money, the rules seem to change. Almost everyone actually wants money itself. Almost everyone’s thinking is OBSESSED by that desire at some level.

No one obsesses about storing up a bunch of drills though.

But money is different somehow. In fact, people see money as this thing they have to have to get what they really want.

Is this true?

Instead of focusing on getting what we want directly, we’ve been trained that there’s this intermediate step in between.

And the training even includes a program for how to treat ANYONE who might veer too far from this training and suggest there might be other options.

Anyone doing that will be called crazy, naive, or impractical, or silly.

What is the program really designed to do here?

It’s designed to take your ability to create from NOTHING and stuff it into a linear process that can be controlled.

“We do A to get B to get C to get D” is thinking that needs to be retired.

To have the life I want, I have to make $X, which means I have to get X customers, which means I have to generate X leads.

This is not how creation works. This is how you’ve been told it works so that you limit your OWN power.

If you like that path, stay on it. But know that it was created for you to walk on by folks who aren’t interested in anything YOU actually want.

The other choice is to give up the “I have to get X to have Y” program.

Cut out the middle man. Focus on your goal directly. What you ACTUALLY want. Then practice opening your eyes to a brand new approach to seeing opportunity and possibility.

What will you discover when you start seeing in this new way, unencumbered by your programming?

Who knows? That’s what makes it so exciting to wake up every day.

If other people start looking at you like you’re crazy, you’re on the right path!