The Space Between

The Desert of Arizona
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Today, just a little deeper on “demonstrating without agenda.”

Are you attracted to someone because they pursue you? Of course not.

That doesn’t create attraction at all. That does the opposite.

Attraction is created when you notice that someone around you is on their way to getting/achieving/enjoying the benefits of something you want.

You feel a pull towards them, where they’re going… and then your brain starts trying to figure out how you could go the same place.

That’s the magic right there. That’s what demonstrating without agenda creates. It creates attraction from nothing.

The tool is the media platform. It shows your prospective clients that you know the way.

Attraction doesn’t require personal engagement with an individual prospective client to be created. In fact, I really wouldn’t recommend it. The reason is that attraction lives in the SPACE BETWEEN you and them. When there’s too little space, there’s no room for it to develop.

You don’t get clients by wanting them, you get them by allowing them to see, from a safe distance, that you are traveling to the place they want to go.

Demonstration WITHOUT agenda. For realz.