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It’s funny for a guy like me, who spent most every waking moment of the first half of his life trying to blend in, to now be allergic to the very idea.

In fact, it seems that the best way to get me to go “left” is to show me proof that the majority of folks are going right. I have no idea why I’m this way. But it sure makes for an interesting journey. (Sorry mom!)

Let’s take the current “funnel” craze that’s sweeping through the interwebz. Take a moment on Facebook® and you’ll see ads for stuff like this all over the place.

Creating a “funnel” that gets you clients sounds awesome. Pretty sexy, actually.

I think funnels are short-sighted. Because “funnels” begin with the premise that YOU have a clue how a prospect should become a customer or client.

Maybe you’re a genius, maybe you’re psychic, maybe you can see the future as plain as day. I don’t know. What I do know is that’s probably doubtful.

But I think there’s an even more serious problem:

A funnel is about you. It’s about what you’d like THEM to do. When you start from this perspective, I think you lose before you even begin.

When you broadcast YOUR desire like that, good luck attracting folks in a way where you remain the trusted advisor.

“So Mr. Renegade Jason, Who Can’t Seem To Do Anything Like Everyone Else, how do you propose we go about getting clients?”

Well, I’m partial to circles. They have no beginning. They have no end. They offer regularly repeating events/opportunities that allow a prospect to walk right up to you under their own power, at the time that is right for them.

Heresy you say! Except isn’t that how YOU’D prefer to be treated?

This Client Letter you’re reading right now is one such circle. It started five years ago and here it spins… around and around and around.

I like to refer to it as DEMONSTRATION WITHOUT AGENDA. We’ll be talking more about this today on the attraction teleseminar.

There’s no manipulation. There’s no attachment to result. Even more than that, there’s no intention that any one prospect will actually make it through to become a client.

This creates clients who WANT to be there, which has an amazing effect on fee levels, perception of you, how much your advice is respected and more.

That’s the payoff you earn by refusing to manipulate your way to the sale.