Becoming a Ninja “Closer”

The Desert of Arizona
Partly Cloudy 42 Degrees

Tomorrow is the Art and Science of Attraction teleseminar. If you’re going to tune in, you’re running out of time to register.

Why bother with attraction? Why not just delve into the world of selling and become a ninja at “closing” people?

Well, maybe you should. Not everyone is cut out for the path I chose.

But due to reasons I won’t go into here today, it seems MOST of us are not wired to go out, hunt something, “kill” it, and drag it home.

Oh, we can do it. I know I’ve done it. But that doesn’t mean that’s the best and most effective use of my energy. In fact, when I do that, I find it a little draining. Attraction is something I find energizing.

I’ve found that attraction is the best use of my energy. And when you do it right, there’s an ENORMOUS amount of leverage hiding inside.

Frankly, I don’t really care which path you choose. But I would recommend you choose ONE and master it. I think that mixing the two (attraction and straight-up selling) is probably going to confuse your poor prospective clients to death. And confused prospects don’t generally become clients. They just stay confused and move on.

If you want to give up chasing anything and anyone, then do the work to master the art and science of attraction.