The Secret to Generating Leads

The Desert of Arizona
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I have a rather abnormal reaction to lead generation campaigns that work…

It’s kind of like the day I got my first order over the internet. It couldn’t have been for more than $80 or so, but it generated a feeling I’ll never forget.

It wasn’t really about the money, mind you. It was about the fact that you could do something thousands of miles away from someone else, tap a few keys to put it out there online, and then have them say, “I want that!”

Holy crap. I’ve never really gotten over that feeling, which is what makes this game so enjoyable to me.

My lead generation used to be sitting around and waiting. And while that’s an admirable exercise in patience, it’s not a very effective way to feed a tribe.

I eventually moved to things like writing in specific publications. And while that’s better, it’s not exactly something I control very much.

Now ultimately, we don’t control much of anything. But we DO control our ability to execute on a process. So that’s what I do for leads. Today it might be Facebook®, or it might be LinkedIn®. Tomorrow it might be somewhere else. It doesn’t matter, the process is largely the same. Get a stranger to raise their hand so you can help them.

If you don’t have the number or quality of clients you seek, ask yourself how many realistic chances you are giving yourself to attract them? Really, don’t lie to yourself, it doesn’t help.

LEADS are realistic chances to impact someone’s life.

So here’s what I mean by getting a lead campaign to “work…”

For the last three or so weeks, I’ve been working with a coaching client to get the paid lead flow going on Facebook®.

To be frank, I’ve never had a campaign be successful the first time out. That means, there’s a lot of trial and error.

There are a lot of variables. You have to have the right “hook” (focus on the right problem), the right lead magnet (offer a compelling solution), and you have to be talking to the right people.

The old Jason would have NEVER invested the time or thought to find the gold. The old Jason would have written off Facebook® as not a good place to get good leads.

I don’t know what happened the old Jason, but he’s not here anymore. He was smart, but he wasn’t effective. He didn’t realize that diamonds aren’t above ground, they are underground. Duh!

In the case of my coaching client, it took a few weeks of banging my head against the wall to get it right. And then it worked.

Of course, this new stream of leads could last for 4 days or it could last for 2 years. Who knows? That’s just the way it is.

But what would YOU do with 50-100 NEW leads coming into your world every single day? Would that change things?

Of course it changes things.

I tell you all this to give you a REALISTIC picture of what this journey is like. But this is how you power your Platform Spiral™ client attraction system. This is the blood that gives it life.

Want to know the secret to generating leads?

It’s to shift your mindset from “will this work?” to “how do I get this to work?”