Maximum Cash Extraction

The Desert of Arizona
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It seems there are two primary paths in the world of business:

  1. You can go the route of maximum cash extraction in minimum time. That means, you setup your business to “extract” (like juice from a poor piece of fruit!) as much value from customers and clients as possible in the shortest amount of time. The problem with this approach is that this operation appears NOWHERE on the list of priorities of your customers or clients. And I think it makes you into a pretty awful person over time. In this situation, MONEY is the goal directly pursued.
  2. The other option is to go the route of maximum value delivered in minimum time. The good news is that this IS on the priority list of your customers and clients, because progress on this route is measured in results. In this scenario, RESULTS are pursued directly and money is viewed as the natural byproduct of those results. And the money isn’t really delivered at a 1:1 ratio with the result. It’s more like 10 parts result return 1 part money. That means there is value LEFT on the table for the client to enjoy.

Now in the interest of full disclosure, I wasn’t GOOD ENOUGH at generating results for me to pursue path #2 when I got started in business. So I learned all of the tricks of the trade that had me flirting with path #1.

With each situation, I’d extract the maximum amount of value possible. This means you “fill” the balloon and then you suck all of the air out as quickly as possible. This creates ZERO momentum. And each interaction with a client or customer is viewed as a two dimensional transaction.

And then I decided to grow up.

I decided that simply exchanging money for doing the work is playing on the level of the mediocre. Figuring out how to move a client or customer closer to her goal, more quickly, with less risk, with less effort and frustration… THAT’S the real work.

And then I discovered there’s plenty of room in the land of people who actually hold themselves accountable for generating results. It’s a BIG room with few people in it.

But this is where I commit to be. When you make that decision, your mindset shifts completely from one of getting to one of serving. I know this sounds like some inspirational booklet you might pick-up at the bookstore, but I assure you this is actually a valid path forward.

It gets noticed. Here’s some proof from client, Mandi Ellefson, of The Hands-Off CEO.

The question to ask yourself is this:

How do you double/triple or more the results you’re able to deliver for the people who trust you?