The Field Report Hotsheet 6.27.2016

June 27, 2016 – Issue #210
Speed Up WordPress

If you’re running a WordPress site, you probably already know there’s a tendency for it to slow down, over time. Some people turn to optimized hosting like WPEngine. I find them a little bit too constrictive regarding plugins that can be used, so I have to find another solution. Autoptimize is working pretty well on where I’m testing it. Since I installed it, the site has sped up considerably. If you’re not a geek, get a geek to do this for you, because it might involve a little tweaking.

Speaking of Speed

Speaking of speed, here are some tools to test the speed of your site. First is the Google Page Insights you’re probably familiar with. Then there’s and also Pingdom.

Here’s a wordpress plugin to make embedding a long list of different types of content and media into your site simple. It makes embedding video easy.

P3 Profiler WordPress Plugin

If you’re running WordPress and find your site is slow, use this plugin, courtesy of GoDaddy, and it will give you a breakdown of how each plugin adds to the load on the server. You can use this to spot serious issues and fix them. You can see a screenshot of one of my sites and how it breaks down the load per plugin:

LinkedIn Ad Fail

Just to show you how crazy the world of paid lead generation can be… I ran an ad test at LinkedIn with my best performing ad (so far) on Facebook. On Facebook, I was getting email optins as low as the $1 range. On LinkedIn, that same campaign cost me $5.40 per CLICK. Ha!

My advice to anyone running his/her own lead generation: master ONE lead source at a time and maybe you won’t go crazy (maybe).