How to Take Control of Your Life

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If you’re currently running the program where you think your life is going to be better when X, Y and Z are true, I’ll be blunt:

You’ll be thinking this for the rest of your life, unless you decide to upgrade yourself.

It’s actually not YOU who is doing this. It’s a program that the real you is allowing to run, unchecked.

If you think “better living” is just beyond that annoying client, or collecting that late payment, or dealing with that complainer who always drives you crazy but pays you well for the “abuse,” good luck.

This mind virus program is designed to keep you trapped. It is designed for you to lose.

If you look out at your business and your life and you say, “I don’t like how this is going,” you basically have two choices:

  1. You can work to change the things you don’t like.
  2. You can work to change YOU.

The funny part is that changing YOU seems to take care of changing the rest of it…over time.

The most effective way to attract better clients is to work on becoming a better YOU.

Think better. Execute better. Serve better.

So how does this allow you to take control of your life?

Understand the way you take control of your life has nothing to do with what’s “out there” in the world. It has everything to do with how you interact with what’s “out there” in the world.

As Michael Brown, author of the Presence Process, talks about, only YOU are in control of the quality of your experience.

This is your responsibility alone.

  • No one can “offend” you unless you choose to be offended.
  • No one can “ruin your day” unless YOU open the door to that possibility.
  • No one can “drive you nuts” unless you give them the keys to the car.

The world is free to do what it wants, you are free to respond as you see fit.

You control the quality of your experience. PERIOD.

I’ll be talking a bit about my journey with all of this as part of Thursday’s teleclass about Mindset.

If you’re ready to do the work, I’m happy to share my experience with how that went for me, what I learned and what I continue to learn each day I’m gifted to live.

Whether or not you attend, why not take control of your life today?