Where You Want to Live

The Desert of Arizona
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For many years, I had things totally backwards about the power of mindset.

I thought that developing the right mindset would help me get what I want. When “The Secret” movie came out years ago, it seemed that’s how it worked. Everyone was pretty excited. Even Oprah got in on it.

But I had it wrong. Not partially wrong, completely wrong. Exactly backwards.

Mindset isn’t about getting what you want, it’s about developing the power to want what you get. That’s where you start. You start there because that leads to gratitude, which is about the only state of being that makes you feel alive.

Walking around in a state of gratitude creates an environment in which NEED cannot exist. Try it. It can’t be done.

When NEED is gone from your core, all manner of abundance can flow in. You end up getting some amazing things without even trying.

Trying to “get what you want” is how you willingly give up all of your power. You give it up to a future moment that does not exist. This is the fast track to misery. I know.

Learning how to want what you get is how you stay present and retain your ability to maximize your impact in the present moment. That is step one in the process. From there, your mindset can be used as a tool for good. But first, it pays to do this work to get yourself aligned.

It all comes down to a decision about where you want to live. You want to be alive NOW or do you want to wait?