Swimming With the Red Fish

The Desert of Arizona
Sunny 48 Degrees

For most of my life, I tried like the devil NOT to be the red fish.

As you can see, the red fish sticks out. The red fish is the one that is different. The red fish is the one that doesn’t fit in.

Whenever I found myself in the position of being the red fish, it often came with a visceral physical reaction. I could feel that I stuck out and that people were looking at me.

Ahh… the joys of brainwashing. I fell for all of it, hook, line and sinker.

Imagine my surprise to get out into the real world and find out that the red fish are the only folks who have a chance.

Lest you think I believe that red fish are somehow better than blue fish, let me set the record straight.

Red fish ARE better. They follow the beat of their own drummer. They are one of a kind.

The thing is, we’re ALL red fish.

We’re ALL one of a kind.

The blue fish have just covered up the red. The blue fish can’t see their unique value yet. And since they can’t see it, they can’t talk about it, or share it with others.

At any moment, they could wash it off and go about their way.

Red fish get attention.

I don’t care how good at selling you are, you can’t sell anything if no one is paying attention. So earning attention is step #1.

Are you a red fish already? If so, what’s your plan for amplifying that signal?

If you’re not already swimming with the red fish, what’s your plan for joining the party?

The clock is ticking… and the water is just perfect.