Squeezing Juice From Oranges

The Desert of Arizona
Clear 42 Degrees

Hardcore selling is a little bit like squeezing juice from an orange:

You know there’s juice in there, you know you are going to get it out and you are going to get it out sooner than later.

This approach leaves you with a glass of juice and an orange you pretty much squeezed to death.

If you want to be a trusted advisor, this is not what you do.

This is not attraction. And your position as the expert suffers if you do this.

So if you’re out there “countering objections,” you already lost. Because you’re already selling, and it will be clear to everyone involved.

So if you don’t do THAT, what do you do?

That leaves us with attraction.

Sales happen at the other end of this process. However… the journey and strategy behind the journey are quite different.

Attraction is about planting seeds, caring for the soil, watering the crops, and then watching as the fruits of your labor appear.

Why is this a superior path for anyone who wants to be an expert?

First, relatively speaking, FEW people do this. They’re too interested in getting the sale. Would YOU buy from someone who only wanted to get the sale? So you will stick out if you make a commitment to this.

Second, this is how you sell and have goodwill left AFTER the transaction. That will bring you a better client, one who still views you as the expert. This is what great clients do.

Third, it follows the law of the universe that we’re not here to be jerks. We’re not here to only look out for #1. That makes for great stories, and pump your fist sound bites, but it’s a dumb way to treat people. And it’ll come back to you, be sure of that.

The funny part about attraction is that it’s all about control.

But it’s not about controlling THEM, it’s about controlling YOU.

It makes you grow, because it makes you wait. It makes you grow because it forces you to mature. It makes you grow because you either level-up emotionally or you go nuts.

That’s the price YOU pay to be one of a kind.

“Incomparable” isn’t just a neat sounding word I use. I actually mean it. It’s a way of life.