Making Sales Happen VS Allowing Sales to Happen

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It’s quite a mind shift to go from “making” sales happen to “allowing” them to happen.

But in the expert advisor space, I think this is the goal.

The goal is to build the system required so that you start getting phone calls or emails basically asking:

“How can you help me? How can we work together? How can I receive some of what you offer to others in my world?”

I call this approach the Platform Spiralâ„¢ System of Client Attraction (picture is here, about half way down the page) because it moves like a spiral.

Prospects start way out on the edge and wind their way towards you.

Sometimes, they jump right to the middle. But that’s usually because they’ve heard about you from someone else who HAS experienced the spiral over the long term. They’ve “borrowed” that earned trust and credibility and blasted right to the front of the line.

The thing I like about this model is that you can TRY as hard as you want to make this work without looking like a desperate salesperson.

The reason why is because you’re funneling your energy about “what you want” into the building of your system. Your system is designed to provide the consistent demonstration required to allow prospects to sell themselves on YOU. You’re NOT funneling your wants and desires right at a prospect. When you point that at them, resistance goes up because they feel like they are being pursued.

In an age where everyone is promising instant clients, instant respect, instant authority and instant success, I’m happy to stand here and say I respect you too much to feed you garbage thinking like that. Just use your head. You really believe that’s how it works?

I think it’s much more helpful to be straight and plain. So I’m happy to say that all of those cool things like trust, credibility, respect and expert status are available, but you have to be willing to pay the price.