Slow Business

Mountains of Arizona
Snow 35 Degrees
12:34 p.m.

When I first started the Advisory Program, I did it in a very simple way with a monthly subscription model.

The idea was to be available for subscribers to submit written questions about their business and then record AUDIO responses to those questions.

There were two things I didn’t anticipate.

One, when you’re actually trying to work with someone, a buying decision every single month is not helpful. Every month, the subscriber gets to decide whether to continue the journey or not. This works against what we’re trying to do. No business gets built, rebuilt or reimagined in 30 days, and it’s rather silly to try. Setting things up that way hampered progress.

Second, far too many subscribers didn’t take full advantage of the service because they weren’t sure which questions to ask. I’m a guy with tons of questions so this wasn’t something I anticipated. But I know that, while most people want answers, the key to progress is actually asking the right questions. This was something that compounded with time. The longer they waited to ask questions, the more resistance to ask a question was created.

I decided to reconfigure the offering.

I took away the asynchronous communication structure and opened up the contact frequency and method to be determined by the subscriber. If you want to speak on the phone, great. If you want to write me emails, great. If you want weekly calls, no problem. If you want monthly ones, that’s fine too.

I also extended the term of the program to six months, a far more reasonable time to accomplish deep work, which is what we tend to do when we’re building a business based on a unique human being.

The overall effect is one of “slowing things down.”

Fewer decisions, more time to make them, less constraints, more freedom, zero “hustle.”

In my experience, dramatic changes happens when you move slowly and deliberately. When you allow time for deep reflection, organic implementation in lots of pieces and when you ignore the “massive action” addiction and simply connect with a far deeper level of knowledge.