Have To and Get To

Mountains of Arizona
Sunny 43 Degrees
8:59 a.m.

The way you look out at life CHANGES the life you experience.

So it makes sense to develop the set of tools required to change your life the way you want to change it.

On any one day, my “todo” list might be very long. Nine kids, busy wife, dogs, exercise, business, cooking dinner. There’s a lot going on.

But I gave up having a “todo” list in favor of something I like much better.

I’ve practiced another way to organize what activities are a priority for any given day.

It’s a method where you are quiet on the inside and are notified about important things from within. You don’t let the mind control the show, you allow something deeper to control the show and IT informs the mind.

So when I wake up, I tune in to that and realize the most important tasks of the day. That’s how the “list” gets generated.

Crazy? Only if you haven’t practiced the skill, which anyone can do. It allows your activities to follow a rhythm that is far more graceful and synchronistic than anything the mind could plan.

From there, you have two ways to create your perception of what you’re about to do that day.

You can create with the “I have to…” method or you can create with the “I get to…” method.

The first method aligns your power in a very bizarre way and places it OUTSIDE of yourself. I have to do these things so that X. It’s almost like something “out there” is forcing you to do it.

The second method aligns your power with where it actually belongs, WITH YOU. I GET to do these things so that X. This allows you to move through your day with a consistent sense of gratitude in everything you do.

The choice you make about which method to use has a tremendous effect on your experience.

Life is too precious to spend your days “having” to do things. You can completely change your experience (and, dare I say, the quality of the result!) by shifting the energetics to I “get to.”

Have to or get to, it’s up to you.

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