24 Hours of Gratitude

Mountains of Arizona
Rain 44 Degrees
7:03 a.m.

True power is the awareness that you need nothing to be whole. It is both the mental understanding and the physical embodiment of the feeling.

It is the vibration of wholeness that is no longer fooled by the imaginary dividing lines between us and them, between what you have and what you don’t have, between where you are at and where you want to go.

For some reason, we’ve been told to largely limit gratitude to a 24 hour period, one time per year.

This is odd.

Because it’s obvious that, should we choose to make it our priority…

  • Families could gather every day.
  • Gifts could be given every day.
  • Food could be shared every day.
  • Memories could be relived every day.
  • All of it could be practiced every day.

But that’s not how we are raised. That’s not the thought form we are given to carry and recreate each year.

So what happens if this “24 hours of gratitude container” is enlarged to encompass an entire life? What if it becomes the default state of beings across the world?

Gratitude can change the world because gratitude is the LOVE of WHAT IS.

But how can we “love what is” when there is so much that is “wrong” with the world?

We can do it because we understand THAT is the most powerful position from which to create something better. It is the vibration from which we are able to create amazing things.

The peaceful revolution begins with a decision to LOVE WHAT IS and to dream an even better future from that position of power.

That is the choice we are each given in every moment of life.