Scared to Death of Being Yourself OUT LOUD

Mountains of Arizona
Cloudy 89 Degrees
1:59 p.m.

I sent out the first session of the Power in Print Workshop this afternoon. (I’m leaving enrollment open until midnight for any stragglers.) As with most things I do, we’re starting at the vibratory level of reality and working our way out to the material world.

Certainly not your average copywriting course type of approach!

I know there are a lot of reasons people struggle with writing. But I’m pretty sure that, far and away, one of the biggest reasons people struggle has very little to do with how you put words on a page.

The biggest struggle is getting past the fear of being YOU out loud.

Everything in our world is working AGAINST you ever doing that. That CAN’T happen because if it does, if you develop the willingness to be yourself OUT LOUD, without exception, you are impossible to control.

And a certain set of evil folks has gone to great lengths to make sure this never happens.

Take the current “politically correct” epidemic that’s sweeping through the land. You’re allowed to say X, you’re not allowed to say Y. It’s not new. Humans have been controlling each other for eons. It’s really just the continuation of a process that was started a long, long time ago.

If you can get the sheep to police themselves and even cut each other down for stepping over someone else’s imaginary boundaries, you can save a ton of money on the more “persuasive” but less invisible forms of human control like prisons and chains and fluoridated water (did I say that out loud?)

Are you willing to say what you think out there in the world?

Afraid it will be “bad for business?”

What business would anyone stay in where “being yourself” was bad for it? Perhaps it would be smarter to find another business? One where you showing up as yourself is celebrated?

What most people will find who actually decide to speak their mind is that all of their fear is rather unfounded.

In fact, they’ll realize that all of the folks around them are far more scared than they ever were.

And there’s nothing that frightens a sheep more than an ex-sheep who has moved beyond CARING what other sheep think, do or say.

So set yourself free.

Share your message with the world. Not the one that you “toned” down and smoothed out…the REAL message, the one that will totally freak out the wrong people and totally connect with the right people.

You’re a force of nature. But only if you’re brave enough to step into that power.