Dealing With My Anger Issues

Mountains of Arizona
Cloudy 94 Degrees
2:53 p.m.

My anger levels went through an evolution of sorts regarding how I would respond to people who chose not to work with me.

I used to be angry and annoyed.

Next, I used to pretend I wasn’t angry and annoyed even though I still was.

And finally, I’ve come to the place where I’m OK with either outcome.

You want to work with me? Great.

You don’t want to work with me? Great.

How did that change happen?

It happened because I developed a new way of seeing things.

We’re not really racing the clock to accumulate money here. Well, I guess some people are. (But they’ll find out sooner or later how much that race is worth.)

What we seem to be “racing” against is time and the amount of impact we’re going to make or not make in this world.

So both a yes and a no from a prospect save me time on that journey.

If a prospect wants to work with me, we get started right away.

If a prospect doesn’t want to work with me, I move on right away.

In both situations, time is not wasted. So those are both wins.

Ten years ago, I probably would have ignored someone explaining to me why my anger and annoyance was such a waste of energy like this, but I was pretty bull headed and obstinate.

I’m still working on that part 🙂