Embracing the Spiral

Mountains of Arizona
Sunny 95 Degrees
2:07 p.m.

If you study ancient esoterica, there are certain symbols you see over and over again. The spiral is one of these symbols. The spiral is basically the graphical representation of the creative and organizing principle of the Universe. You can call it any name you wish, people certainly do.

You can find the spiral in countless places across all civilizations young and old.

In my wife’s work as a midwife, this symbol is so central to her path that it appears in many places in her life, including on her arm in this tattoo.

The spiral also plays a role in the world of the Incomparable Expert.

While most people who feel like they’re “going around in circles” think they aren’t getting anywhere, that’s not how I see it.

As they say, “all who wander are not lost.” And in the Incomparable Expert universe, we run processes (like the media platform) that go around and around and around FOR A REASON.

Because that’s how creation happens. It emanates outward from the center.

If you feel like you’re going around in circles, covering the same ground separated by days, months or even years, without ever “getting anywhere,” perhaps there’s another way to view it.

Perhaps what you’re actually doing is participating in a creative process that your eyes are simply not trained to see.