3 Emails a Day Keeps the…

Mountains of Arizona
Hewwwwwwmid 74 Degrees
7:20 a.m.

At the moment, I write three daily emails. (I’ll talk about this during the Power in Print workshop.) This one that you’re reading and then two for a client – one to his clients and the other to his prospects.

You learn a lot living with a practice like this every single day.

First of all, you learn that ideas exist in limitless quantities. You might think that the more you produce the fewer ideas you’d have as you work through all of them. But that’s not how it plays out.

The more you produce, the MORE ideas you get. So that’s yet another proof point that “scarcity,” as we’ve been brainwashed to think about it, is a lie.

The other thing you realize is that it’s really a crazy idea to try to sell things to people with whom you do NOT have a relationship.

I know that’s what the direct marketing industry was kind of built on; the ability to do just that. But I also know that the entire HISTORY of that industry fits on what is little more than the most microscopic BLIP in time and space.

So depending on how far you zoom out, it could all be viewed as a one-time anomaly-even a period of arbitrage where trust was JUST high enough and information distribution was JUST new enough that things worked. Makes you think.

Yet another thing you learn is that, when you’re writing a SINGLE promotion, your mind can load that up with “tactics” you learned from the gurus. It makes you feel good about yourself. It might even work one or two out of ten times!

But “tactics” get old every single day. That truth comes out really fast. And very quickly, you find that human beings don’t like to be the target of “tactics and strategies.” They like to receive the real. So then you’re tasked with work worth doing: figuring out how to solve problems (sell) in a way that’s real.

And that’s an education that’s worth far more than just about any “course” I’ve ever taken.

How do you sell with your heart?

This is a question worth asking.