Borrowing Love At a Fixed APR of 3.8%

Mountains of Arizona
Sunny 71 Degrees
6:50 a.m.

I’ve read a lot of copywriting books over the years. I’ve taken a lot of courses.

I’ve heard a lot about “how to make it work, how to get a specific result, how humans work and how to leverage that to your advantage.”

One thing I’ve never read in any copywriting book has to do with a question you can ask yourself as you write.

Doesn’t matter if it’s an email or web page or print ad or even if you’re writing a webinar or video script, this will help you.

As you’re writing, ask yourself:

Does this serve “them?” Does this serve the people you want to help?

Not, will it sell, or how much will it sell or how do I get this to convert?

It’s time we move past this definition of business. It keeps people small and living as prisoners of their own perception. It also prevents an enormous amount of impact from getting delivered into the world.

The reason so many people “fail” in business is because they work really hard trying to do it the way they see others doing it INSTEAD of working really hard to ALLOW exchange through the consistent expression of the value they bring to the world.

The service question brings with it a completely different vibe.

What’s the vibe? It’s a vibe that’s based on what has really become a “four letter word” in business:


If you’re brainwashed, you’ll laugh at this point.

If you’re not, maybe you’ll wonder if it’s true.

I know it’s true. I also know that this “four letter word” belongs at the heart of everything we do.

How can I be so confident?

Because everything is energy.

The reality you see is little more than organized energy (actually, it’s vibrating very slowly if you can see it) onto which we humans are eager to place a story.

Money is energy.

Love is energy.

No difference there EXCEPT that for one of those words, we have a story of LACK and for the other we have a story of ABUNDANCE.

How odd.

We’re supposed to go to the bank to borrow one of these stories, but no one goes to borrow a bunch of love at a fixed APR of 3.8%. That would be “crazy” when there’s no limit to how much of that we can create for ourself.


It’s time for humanity to move through the FEAR BASED foundations on which most of us have been trained to do business.

If you build it that way, that’s what you’ll get. And you’ll spend your days obsessed with getting.

It’s miserable. I know. I used to do it. Counting everything. Measuring everything. Trying to “improve” everything. Gotta get the money! How will we keep the cash coming? I’m just not where I want to be. Ha!

What this type of motivation does is it takes you through your business life as though you had only one eye that barely functions. You can’t see all of the possibilities because your perception is that you’re running through a maze.

You’ve been conditioned to think there are walls everywhere, that you have to find the way through. But that’s not true. There are no walls. Any walls you see are ones you’ve built and ones you maintain.

If your business was working, how would you know? Based on what you were taught to measure?

What we KNOW is that we control what we intend. And that is what has the power.

Will your writing get better if you start doing it from the “will this serve them” perspective?

You should try it. Not because it gets you more “sales” but because it will completely transform your life AND your business along with it.