RIP: The Sales “Conversation”

The Desert of Arizona
Clear 37 Degrees – 9:58 a.m.

A question came up in my Advisory program recently about “sales conversations.”

So when does a “sales conversation” actually start?

From the looks of it, it sounds like a lot of people think it begins right when someone is considering buying something.

So that means it begins on a consultation-type phone call?

I guess that’s part of the conversation.

But I think the conversation starts well before that. In fact, there’s a conversation going on involving you before you ever show up!

The conversation starts in the mind of the prospect the minute they enter your world or hear about you for the first time.

Think about that for a moment. How much attention have you paid to that?

The systems I build are designed to help prospects sell themselves without any direct intervention on my part.

So my attraction systems aren’t about sales “conversations.” To be frank, I don’t like having those. I doubt the person on the other end does either.

I probably leave 50% of my potential revenue on the table because of this approach. But given the way I want to live, work and relate to humans, I’m OK with that. To me, maximizing revenue at all costs isn’t something I find exciting.

I don’t really want to have to sit down with someone and talk about selling them something.

I want them to ask me, “So how can we work together.”

If I’ve done a good job of outlining those options in advance, the most preferable outcome is when they simply say, “I Want THAT!”

The best type of ninja sales tactics are the ones that are so interwoven into the fabric of your attraction system that no one even notices until the sale has already “closed” itself.