Success Without a “System”

The Desert of Arizona
Clear 27 Degrees – 7:54 a.m.

We love systems don’t we? Just give me a “proven” system and let me be successful already!

Wouldn’t it be great to just order the “business success plug ‘n play system” and have it delivered? Then we could all just go to the beach and live that dream lifestyle everyone talks about that’s so great but is really completely unfulfilling.

And you’d think, with as many systems for success as are available, we’d be tripping over successful people just walking down the street.

Not the case though.

The reason isn’t because people are dumb or lack talent or drive or focus. It’s because they invest their time doing things that bear no fruit.

Looking for a paint-by-number “system for success” is one of those things. It takes a lot of work and time! And countless people wake up every day and go looking for that instead of actually doing the real work.

The real work starts when you realize there is no golden goose SYSTEM out there waiting for you.

It’s a far more productive use of your time if you just GIVE UP THAT SEARCH and get about the real work of figuring things out on your own.

A few weeks ago, I created the Advisory program.

It’s probably the simplest thing I’ve ever created. You ask questions, I answer questions, rinse, repeat.

In 3 weeks, I think I’ve helped more people actually make real progress than ever.


The goal isn’t to plug anyone into a system, it’s to give them enough direction to see the way forward for themselves.

You can use the word “system” to describe a lot of different things. You can use system to imply “paint-by-number,” “don’t even have to think,” automatic success.

I usually use the word “system” to describe a set of GENERAL principles.

A better word for what I talk about might be a framework.

I can get a framework pretty clear for people. That’s what the Platform Spiral is. Sometimes I refer to it as a “system,” but if you look at it, it’s hardly paint-by-number!

I can layout a process of the functions that have to happen for clients or customers to show up on your doorstep.

But exactly what each of those parts should look like…for YOU… you’re never going to find a “system” that will give you those answers.

And if you DO find a system that gives you all the answers, watch out, because they are probably not the right answers for you. They are the answers that were right for someone else.

You only find that out after you wasted all that time.

To me, success is this:

Solving problems for others in a way that leaves you more energized when you’re done than you were when you started.

How do you do that for you?

There’s no system for getting that answer. There’s just your desire to make the journey, your ability to be realistic about from whom your answers will come (yourself), and the consistency with which you take action.