New Rules For Success

Mountains of Arizona
Sun 40 Degrees
6:57 a.m.

From my journey, there are two steps to true success:

  1. Start caring more about the success of others than your own. Then enlarge the size of that caring so that it eclipses the view of your own self, of your own “problems,” of your own “needs.”
  2. Trust the magic that happens from that point forward.

The biggest challenge to doing this is you have to be willing to BE WHO YOU ARE HERE TO BE.

And as you give yourself permission to live as that being, then you go out and look for ways to be MORE for the world.

Twice per week I go down the street to receive something called “network chiropractic” care.

It is a profound modality of care that helps connect the energetics of your body within the greater field of everything.

Here’s an interview with the founder, Donny Epstein.

These 46 minutes could completely transform your world: