Upside Down Advertising

Mountains of Arizona
Clouds and Sun 68 Degrees
2:36 p.m.

“Advertising” is a weird little animal.

We’ve been trained to think we have to do it.

But when you start to dig into how the world works, the traditional “advertising” model is one majorly screwed up flow of energy.

“I’m going to do this thing called advertising because I need to get that thing called ‘business.'”

When you understand how your creative capacity works, statements like the one above really jump out at you as completely nuts.

Trying to get things you don’t have is not an empowered use of your energy.

Many people will say that if you give too much away for free, no one will buy anything.

This runs contrary to my experience. So I’m not sure what those folks are talking about.

So I’ve turned my thoughts about advertising upside down.

Instead of making it about getting, it’s about giving.

I’ve had a campaign running on Facebook for the last year, untouched. If you’ve ever done Facebook advertising, you realize this doesn’t happen. But it DOES.

To date, it’s generated 19,665 email optins at $.63 each.

How is this possible?

That’s what’s possible (and more) when you figure out how to offer to strangers something of true value that instantly connects with them.

This reverses the energetic flow of “advertising” from neediness to abundance.

More importantly, it reverses the goal of “advertising” from GETTING to GIVING. (That doesn’t mean it’s easy, however.)

Some people might call this semantics, but it’s not.

When you stop trying to get anything from anyone and start working on your ability to give something to the world that they love immediately, you take control over your future.

How much can you give?

I haven’t yet discovered where the limit is. I’m not sure there is one.