What’s Not Possible

Mountains of Arizona
Clear 65 Degrees
2:42 p.m.

Many people have been trained to think that most of the things they want in their heart are simply “not possible.”

As those people are actually infinite, limitless, eternal beings, what they believe becomes manifest.

I’ve learned to use the power of what’s not possible in a different way. Instead of using it to fortify the walls of my own prison, I use it to clear my path of obstacles. I use it as a demonstration of my power of creation.

Here are a few examples…

For me, it’s “not possible” to spend my days doing things I don’t like just to get “money.”

For me, it’s “not possible” to deeply resonate with people who are waiting for someone, at some time, to come and save them from their plight.

For me, it’s “not possible” to support any organization, cause or institution whose work further separates living beings from one another.

For me, it’s “not possible” to tolerate the attempts to co-opt my thinking or to manipulate my actions using threats of force or other methods of coercion.

When you flip “what’s not possible” on its head, you realize (again) that YOU are the one you’ve been waiting for to lead the journey towards changing your life, your business, and the entire world.