How to Visit the Future

Mountains of Arizona
Sunny 42 Degrees
3:15 p.m.

I started this daily publication, quite a few years ago, with the intent to help people better work with clients.

Early issues focused on setting fees, attracting clients, doing proposals and a lot of other rather practical things.

I really was just figuring myself out, so a lot of the internal work that I was focusing on was not ready for public consumption.

We’ve come a LONG way since then. And really, there’s no topic I’m not willing to touch on, primarily because we are all sharing the experience of being human, regardless of our “business.”

I’ve been experimenting with a rather unique sort of practice for preparing to meet a new business connection.

It’s not an elevator pitch, it’s not a negotiation tactic, it’s not a positioning strategy.

Instead, it’s a quiet, invisible connection across time and space.

Before I meet them or speak with them, I do it in the world of the unseen. In other words, I shut my eyes, I focus on my breath, I meet the human in my imagination, have a conversation and focus on the FEELING I want to convey to that individual.

The two recent times I’ve tried this, the oddest thing happened. I was greeted with the very same respect, warmth, and gratitude I first extended through my heart and imagination.


As if there are coincidences.

You create based on the energy you emit.

When you connect with the actual ENERGY of another human being rather than connect with the story you’ve made up about another human being, the future you create is entirely different.

Try it, see what happens.