Majoring in Intuition

Mountains of Arizona
Windy 53 Degrees
3:27 p.m.

No one goes to college to major in intuition. We’ve all been taught that would be a silly and impractical thing in which to major.

In fact, many people would laugh at the idea of someone running their business or their entire life using this thing that no one really ever teaches us about leveraging.

There IS a unique use case with the alpha entrepreneurs who get applauded for “following their gut,” which sounds a lot like intuition. But the applause only comes when something “works out.”

But that’s a myopic view of intuition that leads you to believe and create based on the black/white polarity of “good” and “bad.”

When you can get someone to believe this about reality, they are infinitely controllable. Just look at the 24/7 charade on television everyone is taught to call “news.” Good, bad, Republican, Democrat, Black, White, Christian, Jew, Rich, Poor, Hater, Hated, Oppressor, Victim. It’s 24/7 polarity reinforcement. There’s a reason they call it “programming.”

What happens if, instead of following your intuition only if you’ve proven to yourself it “works,” you just choose to follow it all the time?

If your intuition is your connection to your higher self / God / Divine / Grand Poobah or whatever you want to call it, then why would you ever choose another direction?

Because some authority told you to? Because fear made you do it? Because risking a perceived loss of love or status from those who would not approve is too great?

Is there a guiding force you think has a greater interest in seeing you fully embody your purpose here on this plane?

But we’re not taught to develop this skill. We’re not taught to calibrate and refine our connection with this unique signal. We’re not shown how to tune into this wave and use it to make decisions for our life that might completely defy “logic.”

We are trained to rationalize, deduce, analyze, strategize and, above all, be “practical.”

But “practical” is only a synonym for conditioning.

We are trained to do all of the things that reinforce the mental walls put in place for us by our conditioning.

What if you give up existing at the level of the conditioning and choose to expand into a new way of living and working?

What if your intuition becomes the compass by which you set your every step?

What if you develop the ability to hear this wisdom above all others?

What would happen to the trust OTHERS have in you if you transform the TRUST you have in yourself?