How to Productive Yourself To Death

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One of the funniest parts of this business journey is that, sometimes, we end up building something we don’t want.

At the beginning, it’s fun to see something show signs of life. Clients or customers are coming. Orders are coming. Projects are coming. Yeah!

It’s doesn’t take too long, however, for the truth of the matter to become extremely apparent.

Often times, that truth is that you realize you’ve built something you’d rather NOT have built. Oops.

This is always an interesting position to find yourself in. If you can be honest about what you’ve done, and what you want, there’s always a path from “here” to “there.”

Honesty with yourself seems to be the most important ingredient here.

Is success for you feeling “busy” because of all of the activity you’ve created for yourself?

Does busy lead to success? Does choosing to “productive yourself to death” lead to success? Does money lead there?

Or is success for you being able to go for days without pings or interruptions from the outside world?

There are no right answers here but there do seem to be a lot of WRONG answers depending on who you are.

I’m not sure if all those people out there chasing success understand whether or not they’re chasing something they actually want. But it pays to get clear on this as early as you can.

The world has told you what success is.

But it never mentions that you don’t have to agree.

On March 2, I’m starting a new project focused on helping lead a select few to success as they define it.

You can find the details about the journey here.