The Gift

Mountains of Arizona
Before Sunrise 20 Degrees
5:45 a.m.

If you knew you were on a journey in business where EVERYONE on the path ultimately “fails,” would you continue? What would be the point? Why would you invest effort in something you knew was ultimately not going to work out?

Wouldn’t that lead to a rather bleak existence?

Well, life, as far as I understand it, operates in this very fashion. We all, ultimately, “fail” by returning to the dust from which we came before starting the process over again.

Now maybe this reincarnation cycle will get interrupted at some point and our souls will move on to new adventures. But for now, it seems like that is what is going on.

In life, no one seems to be trying to get to the “goal,” to the end, as quickly as they can and pronounce themselves a “success.” That would be kind of crazy.

So then you might wonder, if the point of life isn’t to “get somewhere,” but rather to experience the richness of the INFINITE number of moments we are gifted to LIVE, then why should this mental construct we call “business,” (which is really just a vehicle for humans to be of service to each other) be any different?

“What? What about your exit strategy? What about funding your retirement? What about maxing out that 401(k) the “powers that be” created to prop up the stock market and the money sham they’ve got going on? What about filling those college funds for your kids so they can have their inherent creative capacities limited and controlled by being told how and what to think? Shouldn’t you at least make a few million dollars so you can feel worthy, until you meet new friends who are making billions and can go back to feeling unworthy and decide to start the chase all over again?”

If there’s no goal in business, then why bother?

Because in doing the work required to understand WHY you would bother, you will enter a completely new way of being.

Inside of that work is the power we all have to assign our own meaning to our life. And once that is done, we will enjoy a certain type of freedom and unlimited energy flow to take on our journey.

Don’t fall for the stories that aren’t here to serve you.

Business isn’t hard. Being YOU is hard. Chasing after things you’ve been conditioned to want is hard. Allowing the fears, dreams, desires, and conceptual mind prisons of other people run your life is hard. Knowing what you want is sometimes hard. Being honest with yourself and the world about what you DON’T want is often hard. Stuffing the deepest desires of your heart into the corner and spending your limited time on this plane chasing money is hard. It kills people…slowly, completely.

If you’re perceiving your specific path as “hard,” what about entertaining the possibility of putting a completely different story around that?

What happens if you simply wake up each morning with gratitude for taking the next step on the path that’s before you, knowing the meaning of that step is a gift YOU have the power to give yourself?