Feeling the Money

Mountains of Arizona
Sunny 57 Degrees
12:17 p.m.

The truth is, no one could ever “pay you what you’re worth.” There’s not enough inflated fiat currency in the world that would do it. Even gold is just a rock.

So if you’re never going to get paid what you’re worth, why do we try to make that happen? And why does it make us angry, annoyed, frustrated when it doesn’t happen?

Because we’re making up a story in an effort to FEEL something we haven’t learned to give to ourselves. We’ve made up this story that if certain people give us a certain amount of fake paper or electron-based ledger entries in “our” bank account, then we will feel a certain way we want to feel.

How about a new story?

What about a story that says each being on this planet is free to make agreements with other human beings on the planet.

If two beings agree on a specific set of terms, then that’s great. A contractual relationship exists where each party fulfills the promises they’ve made.

If two beings DON’T agree on a specific set of terms, then that’s great too. A contractual relationship does not exist and the two beings are free to try again with each other or with others.

That’s a story with a lot less drama.

How do I know that first story about money, where you somehow attach meaning to the exchange, is not worth perpetuating?

Because the minute you get “enough” of that thing we call money, whatever “enough” means for you, you realize that story you placed on money just gets placed on something else.

It was never about the money, it’s about what you feel you don’t have.

If you work enough at this, you realize that YOU are the only one who can grant yourself that feeling you thought you were going to get from someone else by them “paying you what you’re worth.”

Just learn to give yourself the feeling first.

In my experience, it’s the feeling that can bring the money, it’s not the money that will bring the feeling.