Rewriting “What Do I Want?”

Mountains of Arizona
Sunny 52 Degrees
10:34 a.m.

I always struggled answering the question, “What do I want?”

It should be an easy question to answer, but not so for me!

The good news is that I never had to figure it out. Instead, I rewrote the phrase and added two words. That made the direction to go much easier to figure out.

I traded in trying to answer, “what do I want” for this question:

What do I want to give?

“I” can be YOU or it can be your organization. Scale doesn’t matter. Clarity matters.

It’s not that I’m not into getting things. But I’ve realized that the best way to get everything you want is to give things to others first. So don’t think I’m a saint, I’m just practical.

As it turns out, answering this “what do I want to give” question leads to getting things I want. Things I didn’t even KNOW I want!

This is also a valuable question to ask in business, because answering it brings a sustainable type of success.

You can take this deeper too by rewording the question even more.

“What am I here to give?”

Walking down the road to answering this question is how you align your work, your purpose, your joy and your creation all into one.