Yesterday I Saw a Mermaid

The Desert of Arizona
Sunny 65 Degrees

Most people on the street would tell you that mermaids don’t exist.

My daughter, Amelia, believes they do. You could cite all manner of facts and logical arguments about why mermaids don’t exist, but it wouldn’t matter. She believes they do. Belief has nothing to do with logic.

Yesterday, she took her mermaid tail and swam around the local creek. I imagine seeing a mermaid in a creek for the first time is startling to some people, but they always smile when they see it. That’s her right there in the picture.

The system isn’t interested in your power of belief because that’s where unlimited power is hiding. Belief is one of the tools we’ve been given to shape reality.

Yes, actions are important. But actions are a bit like the steel beams you use to build a bridge. Without a foundation, all the steel beams in the world are useless.

I spent years waiting for PROOF that I could believe in what I was doing. I had it 100% backwards. I was just executing on my training. I was waiting for permission to use one of my most powerful assets. Good dog, good dog…

Your mastery of the power of BELIEF is something you’ve been taught to overlook. It’s a tool you’ve been taught to think of as “woo-woo” or “out there.” The system usually ostracizes things it doesn’t want people looking at too closely.

So while the mainstream might think all of this has no practical application in the world (because that’s how worker bees are trained to think), people are starting to provide the proof of how backwards that thinking is.

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Thanks to people like Bruce Lipton, connections are starting to be made from the world of belief to the world of science and biology. These are all the same world, of course, it’s just our limited sight and understanding that separates them.

In his book, Biology of Belief, he lays out a fascinating connection between belief and how it affects your biology.

As my work and study has progressed over the years, I’ve come to realize just how powerful belief is. You can choose what you want to believe. Just be careful to treat those beliefs like the magical seeds they are.

When you plant them, you’re going to get a crop based on them. So choose your seeds carefully.

Your business and success in business is just one area where you can use this.

Do you believe success should happen for you? Are you waiting for proof from “out there” to believe it? If you are, do you realize you are the one limiting your own future?

I’m a big proponent of only caring about what you control. BELIEFS are something you control. Controlling them is not easy and it takes time, particularly if you’re not even aware of them.

But you can do it.

You can take control of your own power and this is one way to do it.