Spinning the Wheel of Fortune

The Desert of Arizona
Clear 64 Degrees

Years ago, I created a product called the Small Business Sales Generator.

At the time, I was making my living primarily as a copywriter. But I was trying to create products and services that changed that up a bit.

The Small Business Sales Generator was a completely “done for you” sales funnel creation service. The client would come with a product, and I would do the rest. The website, the copy, the graphics, the tech… everything would be done. You’d get one person to talk to about everything. No dealing with 55 different providers just to get a product up and out.

Exactly NO ONE bought it. Great deal, good product, no takers whatsoever. Nice.

Depending on the amount of time you put into something, this can be demoralizing. Not only that, it can be a real waste of time to make things no one wants.

Over the years, I’ve transitioned from gambling on the wheel of fortune to using the wheel to my advantage.

This is why I don’t really offer “one-off” types of things. I make something, I set it on the wheel, I spin, and I watch as it comes around and around and around.

Today, we have a Rainmaker Roundtable meeting. If you’re serious about your business, it’s a good opportunity. But I’m not interested in “selling” it. I don’t want people involved that I had to “sell.” They won’t make it on the journey. They’ll sputter out on the side of the road somewhere along the way.

The Rainmaker Roundtable is a small online mastermind group that I’m facilitating. I’m going to spend the time working through the issues that are presented by the group. If they all show up, I’ll be busy. If only two of them show up, I’ll be less busy but have more time to go deeper.

Ultimately, I have created an opportunity to help people. I do it today, I do it NEXT month and the next. The wheel doesn’t stop unless I choose to stop it.

Why have I stopped offering “one off” types of products? Why does every service I offer repeat?

First of all, client attraction is about PROCESS, not EVENT. Everything I’m about requires TIME. There’s no great flash of light where everything “automagically” builds itself after you press an EZ button. The only place the EZ button exists is inside those Staples office stores where you can buy one.

So I create products and services that allow me to stay in the lives of my clients long enough to actually help some real progress happen.

Next up, communication happens in slow motion these days. Oh, MESSAGES are flying all around at the speed of light, but that’s not communication. Communication is actually getting the message HEARD.

That’s a totally different animal. And if you don’t understand this clearly, you’ll set yourself up for frustration.

Communication is SLOW. Expect it. Plan for it. It takes forever to get a message through to people. That’s how I can talk about the Platform for years and still have people write in asking what it is after hearing about it for months. This is the reason the platform approach WORKS. It gets the message through.

You can get frustrated by all of this or you can see reality for what it is and work with it.

Finally, a spinning wheel, recurring type of setup allows me to focus on PROCESS not RESULT. I can’t control results, I CAN control what I do with the process.

Oddly enough, this focus on inputs and not outcomes tends to increase attraction. Try it in your business and you’ll see. Totally counterintuitive, totally effective.