What If They Reject You?

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If you are onboard with the whole idea of attracting clients through the use of a media Platform, then every so often, you might find yourself wondering what’s going to happen if people don’t like what you’re publishing.

You’re going to be creating content, publishing ideas and opinions, taking a position, standing for something and more.

But what if “they” don’t like it?

What if they think you’re dumb?

What if they don’t think you’re anything special?

If you find yourself asking yourself, “What if they don’t like it?” this is a clue.

It’s not a clue that you’re a wimp or that you’re scared or that you don’t have what it takes. It’s a clue that you have misunderstood what the real goal is.

The real goal of a leader is not to be liked or even accepted. The real goal of a leader is to lead and to serve.

This isn’t a war here. We don’t have to fear insurrection from the troops. We get it easy. People who don’t like us can just leave. You can even install lighting pointing them to the exits!

You were brainwashed into believing that acceptance is the goal. It’s not. Acceptance is only important for people who are never going to get anywhere.

You are not one of those people, right?

You don’t need acceptance. You need a commitment to serve.