Starting With NO

The Desert of Arizona
Sunny 64 Degrees

“I don’t think I can help you.”

What if every prospect interaction started with that as your frame of mind?

You don’t have to say it outright, but what if you just think and feel it?

It’s an amazing state of mind to start from. It banishes need and it is a completely attractive feeling to prospects.

Isn’t this how you should feel anyway? If you’re really as good as you say you are, then shouldn’t this be the default feeling you have? A feeling where you’re interviewing THEM as much as they’re interviewing YOU?

This changes just about everything in a relationship.

Show up needy and you get a certain flavor of relationship. You can’t change it because you chose the ingredients that went into the recipe. You baked it in!

Show up without need, however, and your recipe is going to turn out very differently. A much better cake.

So you basically start from “NO” and see where things go. Service providers usually start from YES and hope their prospect doesn’t pull things to the NO side.

Their “system approved” sheep training makes them accepting of just about any opportunity that comes their way.

Listen up:

You are not here for just ANY opportunity. You are not here for just ANY client. So stop acting like it.

But don’t we all want to be wanted?

Of course. And that need will run your life…

Until you actually start digging deep into things and teach yourself that you can’t really get from ANYONE what you are incapable of gifting to yourself. Once you realize that, your entire life and business will change.

No one’s going to force you to accept this truth. But it’s right there for you to grasp when you are ready. The door is waiting right there in front of you. The key is in the lock. You just turn the key, the door opens and you’re never the same.

Open it or not, the door doesn’t care either way. It’s teaching you the lesson all by itself. It’s there if you want it, but it surely doesn’t need you.