What Everyone Knows

Mountains of Arizona
Rain 37 Degrees
3:23 p.m.

It’s dangerous to listen to what “everyone knows.”

It’s dangerous to your freedom, dangerous to your family, dangerous to your livelihood, dangerous to your future.

Everyone “knows” so many things that, should you use that as an excuse to stop thinking, you will be led down a rabbit hole that can lead to some pretty nasty stuff.

Everyone knows you should go to school to get a good education so you can get a good job.

Except you shouldn’t if you actually want to control your time and creation potential of your livelihood.

Everyone knows you should eat a healthy diet rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables and minimize “cancer causing” red meat and saturated fats.

Except that kills people and perpetuates disease on a scale never before seen in humanity.

Everyone knows that owning a home is better than renting one.

Except that, unless you manage to hold that land in allodium (which the controllers have made sure the average human can never do), you don’t actually own ANYTHING and will be forced to continue paying your feudal lord forever.

Everyone knows it’s moral and right to pay back your debts to banks and other lending institutions.

Except that, the money that was lent to you was actually created by you (via a Promissory note), and then “loaned” back to you with interest. YOU funded the loan with your signature. Every. Single. Time.

“Everyone knows” is a dangerous path designed to trap people into lives of struggle.

But what happens if you dare to question what “everyone knows?”

You not only will discover truth where you were told it could not be found but you will also realize that any fear you had of the herd or its controllers not approving of your choices was simply an illusion you created.

What everyone knows is dangerous. What YOU know is all that matters.