Real Value

Mountains of Arizona
Rain 46 Degrees
2:53 p.m.

One of the most difficult concepts in the Incomparable Expert Formula is that, when you do it right, people come JUST for the ability to work with you instead of someone else.

If you were raised in the system and were brainwashed at every possible juncture into believing you are small and inconsequential, this can be a tough idea to wrap your head and heart around.

And if you don’t work on this, you can actually sabotage yourself quite effectively. Your marketing machine brings people who ONLY want to work with you and you haven’t developed the capacity to see YOURSELF as holding as much value as they see you holding. It makes for a wonky ride!

For most of us, the idea that people would pay the majority of a fee simply for access to US can be quite uncomfortable.

But this is why so many service providers struggle more than they should. They focus on their “good work” or their “attention to detail” or their “client service” as the points of value.

Those are valuable things. But they pale in comparison to the value YOUR being brings.

The real work is to real-eyes your true value to the world.