Tucker and the Squirrels

The Client Letter
May 28, 2013
The Northland
Cloudy 41 Degrees

My dog was out walking me this morning and now that I’m back and can feel my left arm again, I have a quick observation to pass along.

My dog Tucker is a very unique being. While he’s out walking, he exhibits what you might call a very selective way of focusing his attention.

He finds it very easy to completely ignore all of the birds.

He has no problem ignoring the people too.

For goodness sake, he even ignores the other dogs. (What dog does that?)

As for squirrels, however, there’s clearly something about that rodent animal that makes my dog go into super pursuit mode.

My dog will take just about any squirrel that comes along. All he needs to see is a bushy tail and he loses it.

This is about the exact opposite of what your potential clients do when they look out at their possible choices for solutions to their problems.

Your potential clients don’t want just anybody, they want awesome. They want a great deal (like I mentioned yesterday).

It’s a lot easier to get noticed as a great deal by NOT showing up like all of the other “squirrels.”

As Dan Kennedy says, “Show UP DIFFERENT.”

Do you do that?

When there’s only one person offering something to the marketplace, there’s really nothing to compare it to. When there are 300 people with offerings that are largely indistinguishable from each other, where do you even start?

Your clients want to make decisions that aren’t difficult, that aren’t painful to make, that don’t take a lot of time and effort.

Are you making their decision easier by representing a unique path?

If you don’t know how to show up different, get help, or just keep pressing forward on your own. It doesn’t really matter how you get there, just that you do get there.

Years ago, “showing up different” was enough to seal the deal, now it’s just the required price to play the game.