A Pimple on the Pickle of Time

The Client Letter
May 29, 2013
The Northland
Sunny 48 Degrees

Yesterday, my dog took ME for a walk. Today, I took him. So. Much. Better.

The secret? I chose a street that has more cars, less squirrels. Made all the difference in the world.

As I was walking, the memory of yesterday’s adventure with the Dog didn’t enter my mind at all. My dog was a new dog today. We met some ducks, but all he did was stand there and look at them.

During the walk, I was listening to Jay Abraham talk about how he’s mellowed out over the years and become less neurotic about “getting there” than he used to be.

He recalled advice someone gave him years ago that was something to the effect of… “5 years from now, the challenges you are currently facing will be little more than a ‘pimple on the pickle of time.'”

I have no idea what a pimple on the pickle of time really is, but I don’t have to to get the message.

It’s like a tiny little voice from above was saying…

“Hey Jason, when are you going to stop trying so hard to get somewhere and finally bring all of who you are into the PRESENT MOMENT where it could actually be useful?”

Such a simple secret.

Why is it so much easier to want to get the next client than it is to want to fully serve the ones we have?

It makes no logical sense at all to do that, and yet… it happens a lot.

You can call it human nature. Let’s just call it one of the many cosmic jokes. Once you “get it,” you can accept it and move forward in your life.

When the joke comes up, you can see it for what it is and then make a conscious choice about what to do.

What happens to your life and business if, rather than trying to get what you want, you start wanting what you have?