Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm…

The Desert of Arizona
Lots of Snow 30 Degrees

Why doesn’t it feel right to set new goals for yourself on July 17 every year? Why does it FEEL right to do it at this time of the year? Because everyone else is?

Well, that’s just what we do, right?

Here are some other things service providers do that are interesting:

  • Why do service providers do the work and then get paid?
  • Why do service providers allow or even entertain scope creep without a corresponding increase in fee?
  • Why do service providers feel pressured into inconveniencing themselves (or their families) when prospects or clients aren’t punctual or miss a scheduled appointment?
  • Why do service providers say, “Yes” when they really want to say, “No?”
  • Why do service providers willingly lower a fee for no reason except that they were asked, “Is that the best you can do?” Why do they do it without taking away some of the value they deliver?
  • Why do service providers feel forced to “over promise” and then scramble to deliver on those promises?

We do these things because of feelings. Feelings are what control us. Most of the time, we’re not even aware of it. It just “happens.”

So if the source of these issues is at the level of feeling, making a goal in your mind isn’t going to change much. Because the minute you are faced with the feeling, you’re going to go right back to your old ways.

That’s what you’ve practiced and that’s what you’ll do.

The way through has a few steps:

First, practice becoming aware of the feelings that are controlling your actions. You can’t rewrite the movie until you realize you’re in one.

Second, practice feeling that feeling and then acting in spite of it. In other words, be deliberate about taking the action you want to take, not the one the feeling is pressuring you to take.

What you’ll notice is that, eventually, you’re going to get yourself a new habit. You might still FEEL like shortchanging yourself, but you’ll get used to NOT doing it.

And soon after that, something magical is going to happen.

By taking those conscious external actions over and over again, you’ll actually find yourself FEELING something different. You’ll start feeling something better. You won’t be acting like a scared service provider, and pretty soon, you’ll stop feeling like one.

The bottom line is that there is nothing and no one to fear. All of that is made up inside of you. It’s a lie.

Once you recognize that lie and decide to stop complying with it, you become unstoppable.

That doesn’t mean you won’t encounter challenges. In fact, it might even bring more of them. But what it DOES mean is that none of those challenges will ever again control you.

You will be in control of something no one can ever take away from you:

And that is how you respond to the world.

Take that for a spin in the New Year and watch out!