The Work You’re Here to Do

The Desert of Arizona
Clear 21 Degrees

Last week, I had the privilege of working one-on-one with a private client in an extended, three-day, “Incomparable Expert Transformation” process.

During those three days, we basically “re-dreamed” the next generation of his business. One part of this work includes a very close look at articulating the reason his business even exists. What is the ultimate result that he helps his clients achieve? What type of package does that look like so the right people notice it and say, “I want that!”

From that deep level, we eventually zoomed back to a high level and built out the plan for the systems and processes that will make everything run.

Now this client I’m talking about is already quite successful. And so our work was really focused on a slightly different type of “success.”

Success, to me, is when someone is doing the work they are here to do.

That means you can be “successful” making $50K per year just as you can be a “failure” making $4 million per year.

Are you doing the work you are here to do?

That’s really the question. The good thing is that if you’re not, there are often clues that tell you such.

Does the way your business is setup now drain you? Or does it leave you with more energy than you had at the beginning?

My experience is that when your reality is aligned with the work you are here to do, there’s a natural ENERGY that flows through everything you do.

And the weirdest part is that the more you give of yourself to that work, the more it gives back to you.

Often times, it comes back to you as money. Many times, it comes back to you in ways that are far more valuable.

If you’re not doing the work you are here to do, then get about doing it. And if you have no idea what that work is, then just start helping people using the skills you have.

If you pay attention, you will begin to see reflected back at you the path you should start walking.