Client Attraction Secrets of the Matryoshka Doll

The Desert of Arizona
Sunny 35 Degrees

So that’s a picture of a matryoshka doll right there. You’ve probably heard of them referred to as “Russian dolls.”

It’s a set of nested dolls with each doll holding a smaller doll inside.

This is how I think about the structure of an Incomparable Expertâ„¢ business. Except I don’t work from the outside in, I work from the inside out.

When you’re looking to become an Incomparable Expertâ„¢, you need a way of thinking, acting and speaking that puts you in a category of one. It needs to be done in a way that puts you at a higher level of authority than any other option your prospects have.

Ultimately, that means you are telling a unique story on every level of your business.

The core “kernel” of information you begin with is very small. It’s a little bit like the innermost nested russian doll. Despite its size, this kernel of information is extremely valuable.

If you create this core “kernel” of information correctly…

  • It will convey a deep understanding of your prospects and clients. They will know that you understand them better than anyone else.
  • It will present to them unique solutions to their problems. These are solutions that are only available from you.
  • It will convey that you are the only logical choice of “vehicle” to move them towards the solutions they desire.

Wouldn’t you know it, this “kernel” of knowledge is the exact same one that’s used to build your media platform you can use to attract clients. And once you have that core kernel, you are in possession of a clarity and understanding around which you can focus everything you do in your business.

  • It will inform the products and services you choose to offer.
  • It will inform your marketing on every level.
  • It will inform the opportunities to which you say “Yes” and those to which you say “No.”
  • It will inform your entire lead generation system.
  • It will directly affect the size of the fees you are able to charge.
  • And on and on…

That same kernel will exist in some form, at every level of your business.

And this will create a unique and cohesive “feeling” in your prospects and clients – something they will not find anywhere else.

The big challenge is that most service providers are operating WITHOUT this core kernel of information.

If you don’t know what makes you different and more valuable, and if you can’t tell someone why they should hire you apart from all others, then you are operating without it as well.

Starting Tuesday, I’m going to work with 10 people in the next session of the Platform Lab. At the end of the 30 days, this “kernel” of information is exactly what you end up with.

You use it to build your platform and then keep using it, over and over, to transform your business.

My promise to each person who attends is a level of clarity you have not experienced before.

This is the work I do. This is what I am here to share. And if the time is right for you to come onboard, then make sure you register while there’s still a spot available. There are 10 spots starting now.

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