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The School of Tippy Toe Selling
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April 26, 2012
Sedona, Arizona

Sometimes I think about how many potential sales I’ve lost over years because I subscribed to what I call the School of Tippy Toe Selling (I got an honorary doctorate.)

That’s where you pump out a lot of free stuff and then sit and wait. You THINK there’s some connection between your willingness to give and money in your bank account. “Well, if I give them good stuff, then they’ll pay attention… some will buy… some will even LIKE me.” 🙂

So you give, and you give… but not much happens.

“My stuff must not be good enough,” you say. So you work on it and take it to a new level.

Still nothing…

For Anyone Who Doesn’t Like “Selling” Themselves

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You start to get discouraged and wonder if there’s even anyone out there or if this getting business using the internet thing is a big scam.

All while you’re in your little “woe is me, the world sucks” bubble, you look around at the successful people and wonder why they’re getting all the customers.

“They’re not the brightest bulbs on the tree…” you say.

“If he can do it, I can do it…” you mutter.

“If he can do it, ANYONE can do it…”

Tension starts to mount… and you begin to get frustrated, perhaps even downright angry.

Who are you angry at?

Rational questions like that don’t matter. When you’re angry, you just want someone to suffer.

So what are these successful people doing that most unsuccessful people in business aren’t?

Well folks, it’s called selling. The successful folks got expelled from the Tippy Toe School where I got report cards covered with A’s.

They got kicked out because they wouldn’t stop talking about what they had to offer.

Making offers in Tippy Toe School? How offensive.

What are these misfits doing?

You heard it right: They’re making offers and asking for sales.

Making offers and asking for sales.

Making more offers and asking for more sales.

Get it?

I didn’t.

When you’re “tippy toe selling,” you think that getting your message out is half the battle.

Nope, that’s the easy part, especially these days with the internet.

The hard part is getting the response.

Before you can worry about getting the right response, you have to worry about getting ANY response.

Silence is clearly not a response…

An RSS reader is not a response.

A subscriber getting your emails is not a response.

Those things prove your message got OUT, but they don’t prove your message got HEARD or considered.

Two things that do qualify as a response are:

  • A SALE.
  • An irate reader telling you how much you suck.

Of course there are others, but those two things actually tell you something. They tell you that your message is getting through.

It got HEARD.

So I look forward to the day where the Tippy Toe School of Selling loses its funding and has to close its doors. I, for one, feel fortunate that I have no reason to ever go back and visit.

Not even for the reunions…

See you next time,

Jason Leister
Editor, The Client Letter
Creating Success for Independent Professionals

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